Version '196', validity period: 26.12.2010 + 90 days

NOTE disclaimer at program start.

- pressure vessels / pressurized systems:
    - 3D vessel assistant, comfortable control and adjust via grips
    - vessel documentation with automatic mechanical calculation
    - design according to ASME BPVC VIII-1:2002 UG-16..36+App-1,
      materials included, UG-37..46+App-2 under construction
    - simple tube layout
- mathematics

- FREE USAGE according to licence
- "smart tree" technology
- language English and German
- on-the-fly data base on-board
- multi-user environment
- different data-base locations, also on network-drives
- 100% transparency by self-explanatory arithmetic
- traceable calculations with all formulas (symbolic or inserted)
- mathematical/scientific notation
- optimisation abilities

STS can be used for FREE, but each version has an validity period.
After expiration of the validity period or clock manipulation
the program data base is locked.
In spite of you are allowed to re-set computer's clock, but you have
to continue in a different directory (old data will be lost).
Normal validity period is 90 days long.
Unlock code for further usage is available against payment,
also maintenance or services only for adequate compensation.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
No benefits by third party w/o permission.

- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows7 with .NET 4 installed
- Internet-Browser, e.g. Mozilla FireFox (recommended) or 
       Microsoft Internet-Explorer with Mathplayer-Plugin...
Latest versions and service packs are always assumed.

Copy/extract program files to a new directory of your disc or server.
It is strongly recommended not to overwrite older versions.
Start "sts.exe" e.g. by doubled-click or create a shortcut.
Any user name and password w/o whitespaces will work for first login.
Program can open older data bases in other directories (if not locked).

Any criticism or proposals are welcome.
Reported bugs or errors tried to be fixed within 6 months.
Any extensions are possible for individual problems or
calculations purposes if or if not according to code of practices.
There are no restrictions to pressure vessels only - not at all.

If standard calculation fails or is not possible
services like finite elements evaluation can be asked.