About STS:

Q: How can I protect my user name ?
A: Any user name can be used for login. After login a password can be set.
    Use /login/settings to change password from empty (any password).
    Don't use white characters and also no '|' or '!' for user name/password.

Q: Why can't I create reports ?   -  Message: 'missing program...'.
A: Your browser doesn't support XHT, MathML or SVG.
    We recommend Mozilla FireFox 3 (or later).
    Microsoft Internet-Explorer needs Plug-in: Mathplayer, SVG-Viewer...
    Alternative: Use /login/settings to change report format to pure html.

Q: Can I use Microsoft Word as report editor ?
A: You need Office installed.
    Use /login/settings to change program for report and format to pure   

Q: How can I switch off liability paragraph in report ?
A: Use /login/report to change report settings.

Q: Can I use only one '3D vessel assistant' item ?
A: No, you can drag & drop items from area \generators to \workspaces.
    Build your individual documentation trees e.g. with   
    \generators\sundry\project or \generators\sundry\folder.

About .NET

Q: How can I check if .NET is installed ?
A: Use program 'clrver.bat' from same directory as 'stz.exe'.
    Version number should be 4 or greater.
    For installation you can try the web installer program
    'dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe', also from same directory.